Merle Haggard, Jimmie Rodgers & Buffalo Benford
as a
Virtual Multimedia Extravaganza in presented in Acts and in Volumes

Primarily, I am writing this Memoir Saga in words on paper to be released in a number of volumes of books now on track and coming out of the roundhouse to the mainline with many sidetracks all leading to a Virtual Multimedia Extravaganza.  The multiplatform saga has already begun in cyberspace 365/24/7 & Always on at:

I am on track with the series of books supported by a book soundtrack, eBooks, a series of eAudiobooks by the author, digital videos via website and YouTube, a virtual ePicture book with hundreds of pictures of the central characters including the names in the introduction. From the medicine shows, minstrel shows to vaudeville and the flickers and on to the moving picture shows and sound on film, from the blues to the Telecaster guitar, a virtual multimedia project chronologizing the history of the business of entertainment, while running sidetrack to the lives
of Jimmie Rodgers and Merle Haggard. 

Jimmie to Merle with lots of B-roll on video, music, thousands of pictures, multiple websites, all in cyberspace for the world to climb on a virtual wild west runaway cyber train rollin’ on many tracks with streaming webcasts and an Internetwork of social networking sites, hyperlinks, live and taped interviews with characters who have passed on to the big hootenanny in the sky, yet we have them on film joined with those living now and online with author and producer Buffalo Benford on the multiplatform saga.

This project is multilayered marketing that is derived from and directed by the book evolving to a possible movie series.  From the synergy and serendipity out on the digital cutting edge this virtual digital ride will take you to sagacity.  We will cut from flashbacks to flashforwards with a multilayered chronicle series that will be released throughout 2022.  This interactive hyperlinked Internetwork will take you on a virtual experience that goes beyond mere reading and becomes a virtual reality like experience of the saga itself where you will be inside the story with us while we tell a great American Saga.  Dick Clark told author Buffalo Benford during a meeting in Burbank, Ca., “Benford I think music is the soul of this Nation.

The Memoir is dedicated to my friend and partner Merle Haggard and my thirty-year obsession with the Singing Brakeman Jimmie Rodgers.  Merle first ran away from home hoping a freight train when he was elven years old.  Jimmie Rodgers ran away from home with a medicine show when he was 13, therefor I dedicate this Saga and a percentage of the proceeds to help runaway children and youth in these United States.   And idea born with my fellow railroad man The Hag.